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Oil and Politics Rant (an educational post)

Posted on: June 30, 2008 3:25 pm
Now of days you are probably starting to hear some Demís saying that we canít drill our way out of High oil prices. To these people I say Shut the ____ up you donít know what the _____ you are talking about.

First of all you that know me know that I work in the drilling industry. We can bring a rig onto a location in the GOM and In just 5 to 7 short weeks where there was nothing before now there is a 10000 foot well producing 7000 BBl of oil each day. Land rigs because of supply chain efficiency and they donít need to wait for boats, can do it even faster the same well on land could take up to 2 weeks less to drill and bring on line.

One of the other things you may have herd is that the oil companies are sitting on Millions of anchors of offshore leases that they are not drilling on.

1. Just because a company has a lease in the GOM doesnít mean that there is recoverable oil on that lease.

2. Just because a company has a lease in the GOM doesnít mean that they are not producing from that lease. (if Oil company A has a lease in Block B and there is a Sub-Sea well on that lease with a pipeline going to a platform 5 miles away the producing is attributed to that platform and Block.

3. Just because a company has a lease in the GOM doesnít mean that the Oil is even Recoverable. The technology just doesnít exist yet for the oil to be recovered.

Now for the people that rant and rave about not wanting to have drilling off of there cost think about this, a Well has a valve that can be shut 1500 feet below the mud line. That is why you did not hear about massive oil spills after Rita and Katrina the wells were shut in. Now think about the biggest oil spills in history where did they come from TANKERS NOT WELLS!!!! Thousands of tankers pass along the Florida Coast every month going to a platform in the GOM Called LOOP Louisiana Offshore Oil Pipeline 22% of the nations imported oil comes in this way. If a tanker with Middle East oil gets a hole in it off the coast of Florida there is no valve to shut everything that is in that tank is now in the GOM

Lastly there is recoverable oil off the cost of every state but the state that you live in doesnít have a choice on weather or not to drill off of there very own Coast because it is not allowed by congress. Canada is drilling and producing off the coast of Newfoundland just miles from Main and making Billions of dollars that could be in the coffers of that state. Cuba and China will be partnering up to drill less than 20 miles from Key West and they wonít adhere the strict environmental guidelines that the US has for the GOM

So my message to those elected officials that donít have a clue is get one

If you have the time go to YouTube and do a search for the oil NonCrisis and find out who is really responsible for the Oil prices

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